Determine issue cause

Overview: In the event that an issue arises, Tenfold Partner’s Tier 1 Support will need to determine the cause of the issue. Locating the root cause of the issue is crucial to resolving the issue for the customer. This can be done using the following troubleshooting steps:

Potential Issues

  • Login to Tenfold Agent UI (Embedded/Desktop) not working

  • Login to the Agent Leg not working (i.e. which leg: phone number | Station ID | webRTC) - if applicable

  • Lag in general

  • Issues with Call’s Popping in Tenfold Agent UI

  • Call time issues in the Tenfold Agent UI

  • Notes not saving to CRM from the Tenfold Agent UI

  • Advanced Call Controls

Issue: Partner Phone System issue

Possible solutions:

  1. Connect to the Partner Phone System.

  2. Launch the Partner Softphone and login the same way you are experiencing the error and Connect.

  3. If login to the Partner Phone System is successful, if available.

    • If no issues, you’ve now ruled out the Partner Phone System as the source of the problem.

    • If login to the Partner Phone System fails, then troubleshoot within the given Partner’s Tier 1 Support for a solution to the issue.

Issue: CRM issue

Possible solutions:

  1. Log in to the CRM (i.e.Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics…..).

  2. Perform the action that you are having an issue within the Tenfold Embedded Agent UI (if available) directly in the CRM (i.e. Manually - Create a Contact, Lead).

    • If this is successful, then you’ve now ruled out MSDS as the source of the problem.

    • If this is unsuccessful, then troubleshoot with your MSDS Administrator for the solution to this issue.

Issue: Customer’s browser issue

Possible solutions:

  • What browser is the customer using? (Chrome or Firefox supported).

  • Is the browser version up-to-date?

  • Has the customer cleared their browser cache and cookies?

  • Can the customer use a different browser (incognito mode)?

Issue: Tenfold issue: Login to Tenfold UI not working

Possible solutions:

  • Did we try clearing cache and cookies for all time?

  • Have we restarted their browser and made sure it is up to date?

  • Have we changed the user’s password in the Users Tab to something we know and can paste into the password field to make sure there are no typo’s?

  • Have we tried changing the user’s email in the Tenfold Dashboard to all lower case letters and have them login using all lowercase letters?

  • Has the user tried logging in with their browser in incognito mode?

Issue: Lag in general

Possible solutions:

  • To test connection latency run a traceroute and/or path ping from the end-users computer to the Phone System and Tenfold servers.

  • If the user is on a VPN please validate they have no data loss or lag on that VPN connection to the local network

  • If we watch Task Manager/Activity Manager is there any process that is eating up CPU or RAM? Does the behavior improve if we remove the Process? Is it a Tenfold or Tenfold Related Process?

Issue: Issues with Calls Popping in UI

Possible solutions:

  • Can we manually dial the number and get a connection?

  • What workflow got us to this point? This could be causing the call not to be tracked.

  • If they flip flop between devices (i.e. hard phone and soft dialer) are we sure they are using the correct device they have set to be monitored in the Tenfold Dashboard.

Issue: Call time issues in the UI

Possible solutions:

  • Did anything happen on the call outside of the normal: the phone rings, the call was answered, then the call was hung-up scenario (an odd combination of Advanced Call Controls could result in the hang-up event or ringing event getting lost)? We need to track the exact flow of problematic calls in this case since this could direct us to a problem with one of the controls.

  • If the agent is on a particular hard device can we swap this device with a known working or new phone device(some antiquated telephony devices can lose a portion or all of their monitoring capabilities).

Issue: Notes not saving to CRM from UI

Possible solutions:

  • Check the users CRM Credentials in the Tenfold Dashboard and make sure they match their proper credentials on the CRM.

  • Navigate to the Company Settings Tab in the Tenfold Dashboard and click on the CRM Sub Tab. Validate that the connection is good on this page:


Advanced Call Controls:

  • Ensure that the feature is enabled by navigating here in the Features Tab:

  • If an advanced call control (transfer, hold, etc) is lagging or not going through at all please open up Developer Tools on the Browser to copy as Curl and copy response for any code that is showing red, canceled, or an API Code other than 200-300 especially if it appears as your reproducing the error. Tenfold Engineers can use this code to reproduce the issue locally and craft a solution. Here is what you will be looking for: