Tenfold Cloud Connect (TCC) hardware and network requirements

Overview: Tenfold Cloud Connect is an application that runs on a Linux server and retrieves the phone events from your PBX via the LAN. It then takes the events and sends them over to our cloud architecture for processing and handling.

Hardware specifications

Linux host requirements

A Linux server or workstation that can be left on and operational 24x7.

Operating system (OS) requirements

  • Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS or later

  • CentOS 7.5 (CentOS 8.x not recommended, EOL: Dec 2021)

  • Supported Red Hat Enterprise Linux

  • Windows Server 2019 with Desktop Experience

  • Windows Server 2016 with Desktop Experience

Hardware requirements

  • Quad-Core Processor

    • 2.3 GHz minimum

    • Hyper-threading enabled

  • 16 GB RAM Memory

  • 250 GB Free Hard Disk Space (minimum HD speed: 7200RPM)

Network specifications

  • Gigabit Ethernet between TCC and PBX System

  • Network card (must be on same LAN as PBX, not wireless)

  • Virtual Environments are supported

  • Must have access to the internet

  • PBX specific TCP port connection to PBX (bidirectional)

External firewall access required

  • ccm.tenfold.com:443 (Outbound HTTPS and Long-Lived WebSocket)

  • events.tenfold.com:443 (Outbound HTTPS)

  • downloads.tenfold.com:443 (Outbound HTTPS)

Whitelist list

Additional Domains of the Tenfold whitelist are listed in the Tenfold Services IP Address/Domain Allow-list.

Is your environment ready to go? Let's get started:

If you've followed all of the above requirements and specifications, then your server is now ready to install the latest version of our Tenfold Cloud Connect (TCC) application.